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Personnel Search, Review and Selection

The order of the factors does not alter the product, the quality of the human factor, DOES.

Consequently, successful companies make the selection of all hierarchical levels a critical issue. Therefore, TiempoReal Consultores is an irreplaceable ally when comes to incorporating effective human resources.

Our duties include:

  • Full advice on the manpower market, salaries and the most suitable methods for the search.
  • Comparing the profile to the objectives and capabilities of the client, in order to draw realistic conclusions and suggest any necessary revisions of the needed vs the supplied.
  • A survey in order to know the area; the seniors, peers and subordinates of the position to be covered; the company culture; etc.
  • Searching, reviewing and selecting candidates.
  • Introducing the best.
  • Following up on the performance of the new applicant, in order to consolidate an optimum employment relationship.
  • The Warranty Clause of TiempoReal Consultores.