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Change, growth and transformation are essential notions defining the present world. And, the most powerful tool of a business o achieve excellence in this context,is training.

"The teachers open the door, it is people who must cross the threshold."

Thus, in TiempoReal Consultores. we identify which is the door to be opened, we open it and cause our trainees to cross the threshold in the most efficient manner: by developing their skills.

Theme Areas:

The subject areas in which we credit vast experience, are:

  • Interpersonal Communication Excellence.
  • Custom Coaching.
  • Formation and Transformation of Work Teams (includes individual assessment of roles, style and orientation for each participant).
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Leadership and Motivation of Work Teams.
  • Methodology for the implementation of Mentoring Programs.
  • Sale by Design. Techniques and Tools.
  • Diversity Management.

In the Evaluations tag we included specific tests used to support our training activities.